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Peacock Robe

  • robe
  • mexican crafts
  • handmade
  • women clothing

Price: $ 94.99 USD

On demand

Short sleeve tunic with featuring a hand embroidered peacock created by a community from Hidalgo, México. It is a V-neck with an asymmetric design. On it’s front and back there is a peacock embroidery that makes this garment unique and special for those skinny jeans or solid leggings lovers.

 Carefully hand embroidered, this top take six day to be completed. From start-to-finish it is created in a fair-trade environment.


  • 100% Mexican cotton and spandex
  • Handmade by indigenous artisans from Hidalgo, Mexico
  • Technique: Fill embroidery
  • Color: White with multicolor embroidery


Little Rock, AR, USA