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Zinacantan Rebozo

  • rebozo
  • fashion
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  • women clothing

Price: $ 102.99 USD

On demand

This traditional and unique hand-woven Mexican shawl will give you an authentic style during this winter. It can be used as a “Rebozo” or also as a scarf and add a unique touch to your daily outfit.

This piece is crafted by artisans from the town of San Juan Cancuc, Chiapas, México using a technique learned over multiple generations with a mechanical machine called Backstrap loom. The fabric is medium weight and it is designed to last for a lifetime. It takes two days to be completed. From start-to-finish it is created in a fair-trade environment.


  • 100% Mexican cotton
  • Technique: Backstrap loom
  • Handmade by indigenous artisans from the community of Chiapas (Southern Mexico)
  • Piece with fringe detail
  • Color: Burgundy with off-white orange and purple accents
  • Size: One size


Little Rock, AR, USA