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Shawl Peacock

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Price: $ 185.99 USD

On demand

This beautiful, traditional shawl is completely unique in both design and embroidery. The shawl embroidery depicts a peacock and various multicolored flowers with a cream background. Short and elaborate fringes complete the shawl.

The vibrant colors are perfect for your day to day wardrobe. This is especially made for chilly weather, but this unique piece will be a perfect match for any time of the year.

One size fits all. Stay warm, comfortable and stylish. Elaborated in a technique called "Backstrap Loom" by artisans from the Hueyapan, Puebla, it takes thirty days to be completed. From start-to-finish it is created in a fair-trade environment.

Elaborated in a technique of "Backstrap Loom" by artisans from the Hueyapan, Puebla and takes thirty days to be completed. All made start-to-finish in a fair trade environment.


  • 100% Mexican Wool
  • Technique: Backstrap Loom
  • Handmade by indigenous artisans from the community of Hueyapan, Puebla, Mexico
  • Piece with fringe detail
  • Color: Cream with multicolor detail
  • Size: One size
  • Measures:
  1. Height: 30 "
  2. Length: 86"


Little Rock, AR, USA