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Here’s Why Print Advertisements Are Considered More Trustworthy Than Online Advertisements


Digital advertising is quick and direct, but did you know that most people trust local newspaper advertising more?

It’s true that the digital marketing industry is buzzing with opportunities for companies to advertise their products. Even social media has welcomed sponsored posts to give advertisers the opportunity to interrupt user experiences with targeted messages. However, this bombardment of digital ads has caused users to have a distrust for them. Online pop ups are significantly less trustworthy than other advertising channels according to users. Many people install ad blockers on their browsers to get away from all the ads. According to a study, only 25% of Americans indicate that they trust online ads when making a purchase decision.

Businesses that shy away from print media advertising are missing an incredible opportunity to reach customers who trust this content. You will be surprised to know that most readers trust advertisements in newspaper and magazines far more than they trust mainstream digital media. Print ads, according to another survey, is the top advertising channel with over 80% of Americans saying that they trust ads in newspapers and magazines. Here are some of the reasons why print ads are more trustworthy than digital ads. READ MORE...