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Sovran Alkaline Water

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Sovran Water is what makes you feel refined, strong, and capable of taking control. With a smooth taste, no harmful contaminants, a high pH to balance your body, and micro-cluster water molecules for increased hydration, Sovran Water is the ideal drink for those who want the best from their water.

Sovran Alkaline Water is a premium alkaline water, with a pH between 9.5 and 10.5, that has been purified through reverse osmosis with trace minerals added to assist in hydration and electrolytes added for taste. Unlike the other brands our highly purified alkaline water is ionized with a proprietary Ceramic Conversion process that mimics nature, and at no part in the filtration process is our water exposed to electricity.

Located in The Woodlands, TX, Sovran Water has a unique pulse on the premium water market and has created a beverage product that is uniquely designed to fit consumer's needs for hydration, performance, and purity.


The Woodlands, TX, USA