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* This service is contracted when the provider accepts it

Although we honor the service of all men and women who have sacrificed to serve in the United States military, we also acknowledge that having worn a uniform is not an automatic prerequisite for employment. Merit exists from the training, leadership, and interpersonal skills that the military helps to develop. Soldiers know how to talk to soldiers. Our recruitment network understands how to talk to soldiers because they are soldiers. It is our job to find and represent, with dignity, the best the military has to offer.  88M Logistics offers a scalable hiring platform based around a robust, fertile, and continually replenished recruiting network.

Contingency Hire

Our client base includes private sector firms, recognizing the value of military employees, as well as federal, state, DOD subcontractors requiring minimum criteria of secret clearance.  88M Logistics is committed to changing the perception of sub-contractors who hire “anyone with a security clearance”. With the quality of our leads and candidates, 88M Logistics is capable of sourcing to clients who require more specified candidates. Private sector firms prioritizing quality hires in the Logistics industry.

Our Promise

You can count on 88M Logistics to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below. 88M Logistics specializes in staffing individuals in three specific fields of military logistical application. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system operation/implementation, receiving/general warehouse operations, and transportation/end point logistics. Each specific application let's 88M Logistics target candidates with the right experience to provide immediate value to clients while also minimizing additional training needed by the firm following on boarding. 

Temporary Staffing

With our data driven solutions, we identify more leads than we could possibly handle with full time staff while keeping our costs at an operational level. We could either function like many other data driven, automation enabled, hiring firms and cut person to person contact (as a necessary cost associated with employing physical recruiters) or we could find a solution to cover our broad network while maintaining low costs. Once a lead reaches the point of needing a physical recruiter it will function much like an Uber request, being sent to a recruiter.