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R3 Boot Camps Sponsored by Wells Fargo

Sign up for the upcoming R3 Boot Camps sponsored by Wells Fargo.

The R3 Boot Camps will focus on the following:

  • “Retool Boot Camp” will focus on teaching participants on “retooling” their businesses by developing new and innovative go to market tactics to meet emerging needs.
  • “Recover Boot Camp“ will train participants on how to “recover” their businesses through targeted reopening plans, workforce planning and customer acquisition strategies.
  • “Restore Boot Camp” will help businesses develop a “restoration” strategy through long-term access to capital planning and network opportunities.

The R3 Boot Camps have been customized for:

  • The owner of the company with a minimum of three years of experience running a business.
  • Have an annual sales volume minimum of $100,000
  • Business owners committed to attending the three R3 Boot Camps.

FREE to participate thanks to the sponsorship of Wells Fargo. Register now at www.r3bootcamps.com