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How Does Shopify Work?


Shopify, the famous e-commerce platform on everyone’s minds at the very instant for good reasons, has a comprehensive range of sales tools that it offers, and it’s straightforward to use.

It makes putting up a powerful and well-off online store a straightforward process so that any businessman can get a hold of it in no time – mainly if you know how to work your way through it.

If you are looking to start selling your products on Shopify, then you are at the right place. In this piece, we will have a conversation about what Shopify is and how to set it up in three laid-back steps. Apart from that, what is Shopify marketing will also be covered. Read along to know more.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an online e-commerce platform, which means it’s intended to help you build an online store for your business. You have to pay a fee monthly to use its templates and remarkable tools for sales, adding your products, and processing orders online. There’s also a large app store that is there to fulfill all your selling needs. In a nutshell, Shopify makes your business a smooth and easy run.

What are the Steps to Start Selling on Shopify?

Below are three easy steps to follow to start selling on Shopify:

1. Sign Up to Shopify

  • Go to Shopify.com and click on the ‘Start Free Trial button. In the beginning, Shopify is entirely free, and you do not have to pay initially.
  • Enter your details like your email, a strong password, and choose a name you wish to give to your store. (Shopify does not allow duplicate titles, so think of something creative)
  • Once you’ve entered all the necessary details, go to ‘Create your store.’
  • After that, you will be mandated to enter some more details like if you are already a seller, what your current revenue is, and the industry you deal in. (There will be a drop-down menu for making these selections) 
  • The final step to do in the signing up process is to enter the address of your business. This will benefit your costs more down the line. If you only have a temporary address, you can give that as well, and it can be changed later on.
  • Once you have completed all the above steps, press the ‘Enter my store’ button and see your online store taking shape.

2. Add Your Products to Your Online Store

Some things to keep in mind before adding your products:

  • While adding products, be sure to add clear product photos, descriptions in simple language, and meta-descriptions that are clear to read for anyone.
  • You can also generate a collection of products that helps with increasing the visibility and organization of the store.
  • After filling in all the important details, you will be redirected to the dashboard with all the important tools.
  • You will see the remaining tasks that you need to complete to make your store open to the public.

For adding the products, follow these steps: 

  • Click on the green ‘Add product’ button to start selling physical, digital, and any other product in your store.
  • This button will then take you to the upload page, where you add in all the product details, including the images and prices.
  • If you look further below on the same page, there are some additional details that you can fill in if you wish to, like barcode, weight, and size variants.
  • Clicking on the ‘Inventory’ button in the sidebar, you will land on a page with the record of your stock maintained for more effortless sales flow.
  • The concluding thing you can do is check the search engine preview to know how your product will appear in the store. If you wish to change the preview, you can click on ‘Edit Website SEO’ in the right-upper angle of the box and make your changes accordingly.

3. Customize the Theme of your Shopify Store

The final step in the process is all fun, picking the theme for your online store. You can change the theme of your Shopify Store at any given point in time. The theme editor has many tools to choose from that make it easy to modify the site according to your business needs.

While picking the custom theme for your online store, you can choose one out of the three options. You can either stay put with Shopify’s default theme, ‘Debut, ‘pick one from the nine free themes it offers, or choose one from the paid ones. The price range of these templates will be anywhere from around $140 to $180.

Even though this is expensive, these first-class themes incline to come with added functionality and a different unique design, so the cost is something worth investing in if you want your store to stand out. After all, anything unique is sure to catch the eye of the buyers than something ordinary and common.

How to Advertise Your Product on Shopify?

There are many methods for marketers and e-commerce store owners to advertise their businesses on Shopify. If you are interested in Shopify marketing your products, you’ve come to the right place. Promoting your store on Shopify is completely dependent on your product, promotional budget, and time available on hand. Below we have given some of the popular ways people use to market products on Shopify:

  • Promoting your Shopify store on social media can include using original content, paid advertisements, and influencer marketing.
  • Using email marketing to endorse your Shopify store.
  • Using display ads to promote your Shopify store.
  • Using different Google Ads to promote your Shopify store over the internet.
  • Writing blogs and promoting your Shopify store through your website.

Wrapping it all up!

Shopify is an excellent platform for anyone willing to expand their business presence online. Not only that, the proper organization of products it offers helps in easy navigation. If you are still new to Shopify, we hope our guide to what is Shopify helped you out somehow.